EASYTRONIC is an electronic panel that can be used to control a booster set, a set of sewage pumps, an installation with a well pump or an installation with two completely independent pumps.
It can work in a single-phase or three-phase installation and, depending on the power supplied, it can control and protect 1 or 2 single-phase (up to 3CV) or three-phase (up to 5.5CV) pumps, either at 50 or 60Hz.

In 2-pump systems, pumps with the same or different nominal amperage can be configured, joint operation can be configured through a single activation signal, and start alternation can be enabled or disabled. All these settings are easily configurable from the configuration menu.

EASYTRONIC has independent amperage control for each phase, therefore protection against motor overcurrent in each of its phases, as well as protection against dry work by current, with configurable detection sensitivity.